Über Uns

Freshlions offers you affordable fashion „strong as a lion“

With the slogan „your style roars“ we keep you in touch with the latest fashion trends. We provide you with urbanwear, streetwear and clubwear – 24/7 and fresh every day. What sets us apart ist that we wear our fashion ourselves. And always take a look at the latest fashionblogger‘s styles. More over, we travel the whole for you and always look for new and affordable trends in the streets of Paris, Berlin, New York, Tokyo or Milan – to name but a few cities.

Our fashion

Discover for yourself, how we make a difference. Our concept is open-minded. This means, that we offer stylish coats and flight jackets as well as Jeans with exciting prints or printed crops and shirts. Or trainers. Or jackets. Or hoodies. Or all at once. You see, that we stand for  dynamics. For that reason: check out our site and start your personal voyage of discovery.

Who we are?

Some of our friends say, that we share the instinct of a feline predator – of course only in the field of discovering new fashion trends. Freshlions was born in 2014. And grew continuos since the first day. You can call us a start-up if you want, because our story started in a garage, too. Our first steps took place on five square meters. And now we are a dynamic team around the 23 year old founder Semih Nalbant. We are all fashion victims like you.

Our target group.

Of course we have a target group, too. We sell trendy fashion to women and men. Our experience says, that most of our customers are aged between 13 and 35 years. However, this much may be revealed: some of our customer are much older. And important requirement is to be open-minded. And to have a certain affinity to streetwear, HipHop Fashion and clubwear.

Where you can find us?

You‘ll find us at Mönchengladbach and in the rest of the world. Besides our online shop we are  represented at Ebay and Amazon. If you want regular updates, take a look at  Instagram @freshlions oder Facebook: Freshlions to know about the next sale or the next incoming goods at our shop.